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Gustavo Dog Sofa Bed

$277.00 USD

Dog furniture designed from the ground up for the comfort of your dog with the principal that "form follows function." Dog beds featuring quality materials and craftsmanship, built with a sturdy wood frame and real high density furniture foam cushions that don't flatten out. With the BioMedic™ memory foam for the center cushions you are providing the most comfortable dog furniture possible. They are finished with commercial quality fabrics and faux leathers. Made in the USA.

These truly orthopedic dog beds are the most comfortable dog beds ever! These pet beds provide excellent support and at the same time they are soft and much more comfortable than other dog beds. This memory foam dog bed will provide luxurious comfort for the life of your pet. They provide unequaled comfort for, and some degree of prevention for, orthopedic conditions, such as hip or elbow dysplasia and canine arthritis.

Originally developed by NASA for the space program, memory foam is the most comfortable sleep surface ever invented. The BioMedic memory foam orthopedic dog bed contours perfectly to your pet. It forms to your dog's exact shape providing even support and unparralelled comfort. Unlike other dog bed materials BioMedic memory foam dispurses compression points that aggravate orthopedic conditions. It actually absorbs pressure instead of reflecting it back to your dog. These are perfect for older or challenged dogs, and any dog of any age appreciates the incredible comfort.

Other dog bed materials compress and compact at the points where the most weight is applied. The harder you press on these beds the more counter pressure or resistance is built up. These pressure points are why people and pets toss and turn at night to try to get away from the pressure build up and discomfort it causes. The obvious problem is that even with turning over the pressure points soon develop again. This is also why you, or your pet, wake up sore and unrested.

BioMedic orthopedic dog beds provide maximum comfort for any dog of any size or age. The larger the dog the more prone they are to orthopedic issues, and the more time they spend laying down. BioMedic memory foam dog beds are recommended by many Veterinarians especially for post operative recovery. While healing your dog needs the best bed available.

Faux Suede: Microfiber faux suedes are ultra soft, very durable, high tech fabrics. This water resistant fabric is low maintenance, odor resistant and breathable. If your dog comes in wet from the rain, or slobbers, that's not enough moisture to go through to the foam. This microfiber fabric has great color depth and withstands hundreds of machine washings. This is a very comfortable dog bed fabric.

Denim: The denim is pre-washed, comfortable, durable and 100% cotton. It's basically like a new pair of blue jeans that have been washed a few times. The faux lambskin is very dense. Two to three times denser than "sherpa dog beds". It holds up much better to laundering and is much softer.

Faux Leather: The faux leathers have excellent durability. This is a heavy vinyl with a leather like grain. They clean easily by wiping with water or mild dish soap. These simulated leathers are waterproof.

Vinyl: This is commercial quality vinyl, which is 29 ounce and very heavy duty. Wipes clean with water or mild dish soap.

Sizes: Overall Sizes (Cushion Sizes)
Little: 27" W x 18" D x 17" H (13.5" W x 12" D x 9" H)
Mega Little: 27" W x 24" D x 17" H (13.5" W x 18" D x 9" H)
Small: 34.5" W x 18" D x 17" H (26" W x 12" D x 9" H)
Medium: 34.5" W x 24" D x 17" H (21" W x 18" D x 9" H)
Mega Medium: 34.5" W x 30" D x 17" H (21" W x 24" D x 9" H)
Large: 40" W x 24" D x 17" H (26.5" W x 18" D x 9" H)
Mega Large: 40" W x 30" D x 17" H (26.5" W x 24" D x 9" H)
XLarge: 47.5" W x 24" D x 17" H (34" W x 18" D x 9" H)
Mega XLarge: 47.5" W x 30" D x 17" H (34" W x 24" D x 9" H)
XXLarge: 58" W x 30" D x 23" H (44.5" W x 24" D x 16" H)

Ottoman Sizes:
Little: 13" W x 10" D x 9" H
Small: 20" W x 10" D x 9" H
Medium: 20" W x 10" D x 9" H
Large: 26" W x 15" D x 9" H
XLarge: 35" W x 15" D x 9" H
XXLarge: 43" W x 18" D x 14" H

Cushion: Fixed or Removable (for easy cleaning)
Legs: Standard High Impact Simulated Wood Grain Plastic or Solid Steel Tapered Chrome

~Can be personalized with up to 12 characters for an additional charge. Embroidery will be done exactly as you enter it with regard to spelling and upper/lower case.

*If you would like a custom size or fabric, please email us at with your request.

Due to strict health regulations, this item cannot be restocked and resold. Returns/Exchanges are not accepted. Due to weight and size, additional shipping charges may apply.