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Dog Beds

Bitch New York (BNY) carries a large array of luxury and designer dog beds which cover the gamut of possibilities – snuggly soft and plush, luxurious and styling leather are some of the features of these beds that will add to the style of your home. A bed with some style is a commentary on how you run your household, and how you choose to treat those that you love. Adding a unique flair to your pup’s sleeping quarters, in addition to adding to their comfort, will thrill your human friends and your true friend alike. This is the place to shop if you are searching for a fresh luxury dog bed for your dear friend.
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Swaddle Dog Bed Custom

From $77.00 - $147.00

Pod Dog Bed Pink

From $159.00 - $181.00

Pod Dog Bed Grey

From $159.00 - $181.00

Cupcake Dog Bed/Cover

From $42.00 - $102.00

Tiger Lily Dog Bed

From $363.00 - $383.00

Lounge Dog Bed Custom

From $110.00 - $150.00

Pastel Dreams Dog Bed

From $219.00 - $228.00

Pod Dog Bed White

From $159.00 - $181.00

Snuggle Dog Bed Husky Grey

From $76.00 - $130.00

Shag Dog Bed Fuchsia

From $77.00 - $85.00

Pendleton Dog Bed Yosemite

From $99.00 - $169.00