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Basket Dog Bed And Toy Set

$171.00 USD

Serve'em breakfast in bed!! Ham steak, biscuits and a soft squeaky fried egg! The yellow plate is a tuff flying disk for hours of fetch play. Sweet dreams will be had while nestled in a comfortable blanket of plaid. The basket serves as a comfy bed for your pup to rest his head. Baskets come with a ham steak, egg and your choice of two biscuits, a piece of toast, or a pancake.

-Synthetic blends reduce pet saliva odors.
-100% Recycled Fiberfill Inside.
-Each toy is made with a poly-fleece exterior and incredibly strong 600 denier fabric inside then double stitched for extra durability.
-The bed is made with a poly-fleece exterior, the inner pillow is made of micromesh and filled with 100% Recycled fiberfill.
-The throw is made of poly-fleece.

Sizes: Small, Medium

Due to strict health regulations, this item cannot be restocked and resold. Returns/Exchanges are not accepted.