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Dog Collars & Harnesses

Whether you take your pet across the country or up the block for a leisurely stroll, this is where you will find everything you need. Designer dog collars, harnesses and leashes are staples for every day. Don't forget to get a calling card, if your dog should ever get lost, a dog id tag and the perfect dog collar charm for a little extra pizazz... And if your dog leaves their very own calling card, oops, how about a dog poop bag holder!
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Rue Cambon Dog Collar

From $68.00 - $76.00

Azalea Pastel Dreams Dog Leash

From $151.00 - $158.00

Plastic Ice Cream Dog Leash

From $167.00 - $173.00

Plastic Ice Cream Dog Collar

From $92.00 - $101.00

Comic Strip Dog Collar

From $21.00 - $42.00