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Sparky's Choice Dog Collar

$29.00 USD

Sparky's Choice Dog Collar has the convenience of a side release buckle collar now made with incredibly strong coated polyester. This durable material is easy to clean, will not absorb odors and remains flexible even in sub-zero weather. Easily adjusts to correct size by repositioning the 2-part post/screw set. Fitted with a highly polished nickel-plated die cast side release buckle, solid welded steel dee ring, and smooth capped rivets. Matching leash is available in 3/4" width and either 4' or 6' lengths.

Colors: Pink, Violet, Blue, Orange, Red, Black, Brown, Green, Yellow

3/4" x 14" (fits 12" to 14")
3/4" x 16" (fits 14" to 16")
1" x 18" (fits 16" to 18")
1" x 20" (fits 18" to 20")
1" x 22" (fits 20" to 22")
1" x 24" (fits 22" to 24")
1" x 26" (fits 24" to 26")

Please measure carefully. All returns/exchanges of this item will incur a 20% restocking fee.