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Royal Weave Pressure Mount Doorway Dog Gate

$182.00 USD

The Royal Weave dog gate features a tasteful sheet metal weave pattern at its base. This pressure mounted dog gate is sturdy, easy to install and requires no drilling.

Colors: Black, Mocha

Size: 32" tall x 28"-34" wide (max). Distance between bars is 2 3/8" - When dog gate is fully extended, open spaces on each side can reach 4".

a) dog gate Extension comes with extension pressure mount screws and measures 32" tall x 5 1/4" wide.

b) dog gate Gap Filler works with existing pressure mount screws and measures 32" tall x 2 1/2" wide. This item does not increase the max width of the dog gate but does increase the minimum to 30 1/2".

This item is not eligible for return/exchange. Due to size and weight, additional shipping and handling charges may apply.