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Natural Tear And Saliva Stain Remover For Dogs

$18.00 USD

Tear stains are caused by excess tear production, a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast which produce a reddish-brown stain. This gentle formula contains essential oils proven to fight bacteria and yeast growth while hydrogen peroxide safely and effectively removes stains from your pet’s eye and mouth area.

  • 8 FL OZ (236 mL)
  • 100% safe for cats and dogs
  • Natural & Biodegradable
  • With Tea Tree Oil
  • Veterinarian Recommended
  • Natural & Biodegradable, Paraben & Phosphate Free
  • Made in USA
  • Cruelty Free

Active Ingredients:
Lemongrass Oil: natural antimicrobial, comparable in efficiency to penicillin. Its clean and calming aroma also helps relieve stress and irritability.

Lavender Oil: Lavender oil has been found to be active against many species of bacteria, including those resistant to antibiotics. This oil is also a known aroma-therapeutic agent which eliminates any nervous tension.

Tea Tree Oil: This natural antimicrobial is similar in action to lemongrass oil, being able to kill the most durable microbial strains including the flu virus and cells which are resistant to antibiotics.

Garlic Extract: Garlic is quite the effective antimicrobial agent against a wide variety of microorganisms. The bioflavonoids found within garlic are able to give a degree of infection prevention as well.

Directions: Moisten a cotton ball with solution and gently clean tear duct and mouth area. Lightly moisten another cotton ball with water to remove excess solution from pet’s face. Heavily stained areas may require daily application.

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