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Luxtrac Fire Classic Red Retractable Dog Leash

$75.00 USD

Walking your dog can be ordinary and run-of-the-mill, but since when are you and Fluffy ordinary? You're a pair of posh pals that stand out from the crowd, so why not live a little when you're out for your daily jaunts? The Luxtrac Retractable Dog Leash, with its special gloss coating, titanium polish clasp, and sassy modern design lets everyone know that they should stop and take notice of this four- and two-legged duo.

-Patent pending
-Special gloss coating
-Printed leash
-Titanium polish clasp
-Unique modern classic design
-9ft/3m leash extension
-Sophisticated Packaging
-Crafted mechanism

Size: for dogs up to 50 lbs dogs/22 Kilos

9 ft Cord length/3 Meter
1/2" Wide cord/1.3 CM

6" Wide/15 CM
4" Height/10 CM
1" Thick/2.5 CM