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Dog Bandana Classic Plaid

$26.00 USD

Tis the season for plaid and we've hit the holiday season running! Use the same technique for selecting your holiday dog bandanas as we use for conquering the holiday dessert table - take one of everything (and if anyone asks, say they're for a friend!) So enjoy a smorgasbord of plaid for your never-naughty beast!

The MODERNBEAST dog bandana is a foolproof design that is pre-folded with longer ends to perfectly - and easily - tie on your sweet beast. 100% of profits go to 501(c)3 animal welfare organizations - to help with the incredible work they do every single day.

Small: Length 20.5", fits necks up to 13"
Medium: Length 27.5", fits necks up to 19"
Large: Length 33.25", fits necks up to 25"