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Greenery Dog Bed/Duvet Slate Grey/Dark Grey

$61.00 USD

Pets love romping through anything that's green and growing. Now they can sleep amongst the leaves, too. These simple and stylish designs look great in any home. 100% natural cotton covering is soft, breathable and allergy-free. Dog bed looks great in living room, family room or SUV.

Duvet Cover: You get all the style that a pet dog bed offers, and the flexibility of filling it with whatever you'd like. So think twice about tossing out unused blankets, clothes or towels! Why not recycle and reuse those items for a soft, cushy pet dog bed for your pup? Along with a Fill-a-dog bed, it's easy to fill your new pet dog bed cover to the perfect density. Your dog will think he's getting a brand new dog bed and you get to help minimize waste (while saving money!). Fill-a-dog beds double up as laundry bags when you want to wash the filler to your pet dog bed.

Dog Bed: This 100% natural cotton covering is soft, breathable and allergy-free. It has an optimum amount and density of high-loft fill to perfectly pamper your pet. Zipper lets you easily slip off cover for washing. Made with eco-friendly fill manufactured from certified-safe recycled plastic bottles.

Small - 28" x 20" x 4" (recommended for small dogs up to 20 lbs.)
Medium - 36" x 27" x 5" (recommended for medium dogs up to 60 lbs.)
Large - 42" x 31" x 5" (recommended for large dogs up to 110 lbs.)


Due to strict health regulations this item cannot be restocked and resold. Returns/Exchanges are not accepted.

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