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Eternity Crystal Designer Dog Collar

$250.00 USD

These exquisite jeweled dog collars are only available in limited quantities. Each dog collar is expertly crafted from the finest leathers and then meticulously embellished by hand to create a unique and luxurious one of a kind designer dog collar.

These dog collars are considered jewelry and are recommended for "dress" occassions. They are not intended to endure the rigorous day to day activities of the dog.

A beautiful crystallized oval adorns this magnificent black croc dog collar with rhinestone buckle. Nickel Hardware. Limited Edition.

Colors: Black, Red

Size: Measurement is from the first hole to the last hole. Optimal fit is the center hole which centers the jewelry on the dog collar when buckled. The best choice is your dog's neck measurement plus 1". If your pet falls in between sizes, choose the more appropriate width.

M: 1-1/4" x 12" - 16"

*A limited number of dog collars will be made. Possible sizes are dictated by the size and scale of the jewelry. If you require a different size than is shown above, please email us at for availability.

Please measure carefully. This item is not eligible for return/exchange.

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