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Easter Crystal Dog Collar

$33.00 USD

All dog collars are made of a sparkle PU Leather and have crystal rhinestone stainless steel tongue buckles, with metal D-ring beside the buckle. The rhinestones are genuine imported crystal glass rhinestones from the Czech Republic and are premier quality. Created using an exclusive process, ProngTite, to hold the rhinestones in their prongs. This collar is suitable for everyday wear! Each collar is hand decorated by artisans in the USA.

It is 3/8" wide (sizes Large and XL will be a BIG 3/4" wide and will have 4 rows of larger crystals) and has stunning baby blue, violet purple, and baby pink crystals, all set in .925 Sterling Silver Plated settings. Included is a FREE crystal egg charm! The collar itself is made of purple pleather with sparklies in it. The buckle has diamond clear crystals embedded in it. Coordinating leash is 4' x 1/2" wide and will have 3 rows x 4" of crystals above the leash hook and at the handle.

Sizes: Collar will fit exactly 1/2" after the measurement you input. Please do not put any fingers between the tape measure and your dog's neck when you measure.

XXS fits 4" through 6" snug neck circumference (3/8" wide)
XS fits 6" through 8" snug neck circumference (3/8" wide)
S fits 7-1/2" through 9-1/2" snug neck circumference (3/8" wide)
M fits 9-1/2" through 11-1/2" snug neck circumference (3/8" wide)
ML fits 11-1/2" through 13-1/2" snug neck circumference (3/8" wide)
L fits 13" through 14-1/2" snug neck circumference (3/4" wide)
XL fits 15" through 16-1/2" snug neck circumference (3/4" wide)

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