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Dragon Dog Collar Red

$38.00 USD

This is a custom, high-quality and comfortable dog collar. Dragons are creatures of myth and legend and symbols of good fortune. They appear in gold on this beautiful soft red silk brocade, in an ephemeral scene filled with true red flowers and foliage. The red satin lining completes the sumptuous look.

-Starts with a strong but soft webbing core in a width to match the collar width
-Encloses the webbing entirely in either crepe- or flannel-backed satin for body and softness on the neck
-Is securely sewn using industrial strength nylon thread on industrial sewing machines, and is finished with top-of-the-line hardware, including welded d-rings.
-Made in the USA.

Styles: Buckle, Martingale, Buckle Martingale

Small (10"-14")
Medium (13"-18")
Large (15"-20")
XLarge (18"-26")
XXLarge (24"-34")

Please measure carefully. This item is not eligible for return/exchange.

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