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Doggy Ride Novel Forest Green Dog Stroller/Jogger/Trailer

$439.00 USD

The Doggy Ride Novel Dog Stroller has all the great features of the Original Stroller but with a few key extras thrown in. Most importantly this version is built on a super light aluminum-alloy frame which reduces the total weight of the stroller from 38 lbs to 30 lbs. Also included are a few new safety and comfort features, like the side reflective stripes and the head rest cushion in the front opening.

Key Features:
Lowered center of gravity for optimal stability. Side support designed to prevent leaning into rotating wheels. Fabric and screen mesh that protects against rain, UV and paw scratches. Alloy rims and RVS spokes for durability. Stable and cleanable anti-slip base. Two section roof-front opening designed for optimal riding pleasure for different breeds. Convenient pouch and water bottle holder in rear entry. Quick release wheels for easy and quick conversion. Main cabin can be used as crate for training purposes. Cabin fits into rear section of station wagons and SUVs to accommodate long outdoor trips. Swivel front wheel.

The Bike Conversion kit you can convert the stroller into a Bike Trailer. The kit comprises a tow bar with hitch and safety flag. Hitch adaptor available for specialty bikes. Additional hitch available for 2nd bike.

The Cargo Rack allows you to carry your camping gear or groceries on top of the trailer while your dog is enjoying the full space inside the trailer.

The Jogger Conversion kit converts the stroller into a Jogger. The kit comprises a push bar, parking brake and front wheel with connection kit.

The Luxury Pet Mat is 2.5" thick and is made to fit perfectly inside the cabin to give your dog extra comfort and support during rides while also absorbing vibration from the ride. This mat is made from 2" of dense foam with an additional 1/2" layer of orthopedic memory foam on top to provide optimal support. The cover can be cleaned with a lint roller or removed by hidden zipper for machine washing. This pet mat can also be used outside of the trailer for added comfort on the go.

The Rain Cover provides protection against wind and rain. There are breathing openings (pockets) on the side, which makes it usable during a ride or stroll.

Cabin: 31"D x 21"W x 25.5"H (for pets up to 90 lbs.)
Folded Dimensions: 31"D x 21"W x 4"H
Pushbar: 39-41"H

Due to strict health regulations, this item cannot be restocked and resold. Returns/Exchanges are not accepted.