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Dog Fashion Spa Ionic Positive Charge Dog Brush

$76.00 USD

Discover Dog Fashion Spa bronze ionic dog brush for short hair dogs, capturing the essence of Quality Life for Dogs® and bringing pet styling to the next level. Handcrafted in Europe.

Dog handlers' favorite for terrier breads, beagles, pitbull breads, labs, hound breeds, bulldogs, mastiffs, chihuahua, spaniels, dobermans, great danes and miniature pinschers.

100% static-free, perfect way to finish short, dry dog coat leaving it smooth and shiny. Bronze ionic positive charge bristles remove dead hair and dandruff while outer boar bristles smooth and polish the coat. The ionic positive charge adds remarkable shine to the coat. You will find Dog Fashion Spa bronze ionic brush is worth the money!

Dog parents: Use Dog Fashion Spa bronze ionic brush on a clean, dry coat of dogs brush after washing your dog and daily to maintain dog's coat and keep it tangle-free. Glide through the coat with the brush to make your dog look beautiful. Clean the brush after each use.

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