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Dog Bandana Black Floral

$26.00 USD

Who really built Stonehenge? Does the government house aliens in Area 51? Can pants really make your butt look big? Sorry, can’t help you with most of life’s most perplexing questions. But we have answered one - and it’s a big one. 

QUESTION:  How do you fold and tie a bandana on a dog or cat so it looks perfect every time? ANSWER:  You design a new bandana! 

We’ve done just that! The MODERNBEAST dog bandana is a foolproof design that is pre-folded with longer ends to perfectly - and easily - tie on your sweet beast. 100% of profits goes to 501(c)3 animal welfare organizations - to help with the incredible work they do every single day.

Small: Length 20.5", fits necks up to 13"
Medium: Length 27.5", fits necks up to 19" 
Large: Length 33.25", fits necks up to 25"

Materials100% Cotton Denim

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