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Clic Shoulder Dog Leash With Leader System Red

$67.00 USD $89.00 USD

In daily life we walk quite a lot; going to the market, picking up kids from school, or simply just running down for a hotdog. Awesome moments for your dog to come with you. But what to do when you have your hands full? The CLIC Shoulder dog leash makes it super convenient to walk your dog handsfree. The easy one size fits all can be thrown over the shoulder, and off you go. Its length is also super convenient if you like to walk your dog on a long leed.

  • comfortable handsfree dog walking
  • Convenient tethering
  • Tether your dog without having to unleash your dog
  • Leader system allows you to choose from 4 different ways to leash your dog


Size: Length 98"/250 cm, shortened length 66"/170cm. If your dog is a strong puller, we recommend that you do not use this leash on a dog weighing over 30 kg /70 LBS.

This is a sample. It has not been worn. The size listed is the only one of it's kind.

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