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Butterfly Dog Carrier

$132.00 USD

This fun and funky dog carrier by Pet Flys is the perfect way to tote your little one around town or around the world. The small and mini sizes are approved by most major airlines for in cabin travel (check our airline travel link for more specific requirements or contact your airline). The medium can be turned on its side and slid under the seat handle 1st on some airlines. (Again, check with your airline dog carrier for size restrictions.) dog carriers are conveniently lined with an easy-to-clean pvc material. Just in case you think there is any possibility of your pet jumping out of it's dog carrier there is a chain - attach one end to the stainless sdog teel window and the other to your pets dog collar.

  • Two interchangeable handles (including a long shoulder strap, and a short tote carrying strap)
  • Peek-a-boo roll up flap
  • Indestructible wire window
  • Fur-lined removable hard bottom insert
  • Blankie to snuggle
  • Side pocket
  • Easy to clean pleather (no animals were harmed in the making of Pet Flys)
  • User-friendly fur-lined side entrance
  • Buckles easily into the car for maximum safety
  • Strong, Non-collapsible design

Mini: 8"H x 8"D x 13 L
Accommodates pets up to 4 pounds
Small: 9"H x 8"D x 16"L
Accomodates pets up to 11 pounds
Super Size: 12"H x 10"D x 18"L
Accomodates pets up to 16 pounds

Due to strict health regulations, this item cannot be restocked and resold. Returns/Exchanges are not accepted.

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