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Butterfly Crystal Dog Poop Bag Holder

$61.00 USD

The Gabby designer leather dog poop bag holder has an easy to use hook that attaches to many things such as a leash or a pant loop. It provides extra comfort knowing that you will be ready for what may come your way. Taking a walk with your dog is such great exercise. There are those times when a minute can turn into an hour and a few blocks, several miles. It provides a moment of feeling free. Leaving your home with a roll of poop bags, a key and a credit card and a couple of dollars is a great idea. These bags will give you the chance to walk with ease and know you have your essentials with you. Poop bag holder features a snap under flap closure, slit in front for the bag to go through for easy access, attaches with an easy to use hook. Check out the rest of the Butterfly Collection here.

Leather: Black, Brown, Camel, Red, Grape, Hunter, Lilac, Luggage, Magenta, Mint, Navy, Olive, Orange, Paprika, Pink Salmon, Pink Sorbet, Printed Leopard, Purple, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Turquoise, White, Yellow
Patent Leather: Black, Red
Metallic Leather: Purple, Blue, Pink, Bronze, Gold, Pewter, Silver, Rose Gold
Suede: Bone, Brown, Red, Sand, Taupe

Stone Colors: Amethyst, Aurora Borealis, Rose, Black Diamond, Topaz, Ruby, Crystal, Jet, Peridot, Sapphire, Antique Gold, Light Turquoise

Size: 2.5" H x 1.75" W x 4" L

This item is custom made to order and therefore, is not eligible for return/exchange. Please allow 4-5 weeks for delivery.