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Bianca Dog Harness/Leash

$117.00 USD

When manufacturing these dog collars and leashes they use extremely soft nappa leather, which is particularly kind to your dog's coat. The full-grain cow hide used also meets the highest quality standards. As far as tanning and dyeing are concerned, they apply strict ecological principles, thus contributing to your animal's health and quality of life. All the fastenings are designed to be particularly hardwearing. All the welded metal parts are tested for safety. These products are individually designed in line with the latest fashions. The meticulous finishing work is carried out by hand. As a result, these accessories are tailor-made premium products and each item is unique.

Each harness and leash is custom made and can be crafted to your individual desires. You can choose the color of the leather or 2 different colors, one for the front and one for the back. You can have your harness done in precious gems or diamonds. All you need to do is ask. For a special request please email

Harness Bianca is made of smooth nappa leather, all sewed by hand and 2.1 cm wide, adjustable. Stitching made by hand.

Colors: White, Beige, Yellow, Mustard, Cognac, Orange Light, Orange Dark, Mint, Lime Green, Green, Turquoise, Petrol, Pink, Red, Bordeaux, Baby Blue, Royal Blue, Titian, Brown, Black

Sizes: The sizes listed represent the actual length of the leather from end to end. They are calculated using the actual neck and girth measurements. Choose the closest size and provide us with the actual measurements. If you are between sizes, round up.

Available width is 2.1 cm, 50 cm, 55 cm, 60 cm.

The lead is made of double lining smooth nappa leather, 2.1 cm wide and available in 120 cm and 210 cm.

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