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Bees Dog Collar

$38.00 USD

This is a custom, high-quality and comfortable dog collar. This bright ribbon dog collar exudes sun, summer and warmth! If it had a sound, it would be the unmistakable hum of meadows and flower gardens. The clear turquoise background of this dog collar is filled with flying honey bees, and dotted with off-center honeycomb hexagons in shades of yellow, orange, and a touch of white. The bright yellow satin* lining radiates light, completing the sunny look. Add a matching Swiss velvet leash to complete the set. 

-Starts with a strong but soft webbing core in a width to match the collar width.
-Encloses the webbing entirely in either crepe- or flannel-backed satin for body and softness on the neck.
-Is securely sewn using industrial strength nylon thread on industrial sewing machines, and is finished with top-of-the-line hardware, including welded d-rings.
-Made in the USA.

Styles: Buckle, Martingale

Small (10"-14")
Medium (13"-18")
Large (15"-20")
XLarge (18"-26")
XXLarge (24"-34")

Please measure carefully. This item is not eligible for return/exchange.

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