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Batters Up Dog Necklace

$50.00 USD

Batters Up! Wear this dog necklace alone or create striking ensembles by adding layers for a variety of looks. A fun addition to your dog's Athletic Jewelry collection. Add a Swarovski letter charm for a personalized look! Made in the USA.

Sizes: (Must have exact neck size for a perfect fit!) 6" - 40" (.5" increments)

*If you don't have a paper tape measure handy but you do have a printer, CLICK HERE!

Note: You are provided with a polishing cloth to clean your dog's jewelry after wear and before storing inside a signature, anti-tarnish packaging. If polishing is not enough and cleaning is necessary, use a mild hand soap with warm water. Rinse thoroughly and towel dry completely. Do not use boiling water, sonic cleaners or commercial jewelry cleaners.

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