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Balance Silk 'n Satin Dog Creme Rinse

$19.00 USD

BALANCE Silk N' Satin Crème Rinse Conditioner is a unique blend of ingredients formulated to eliminate tangles and develop luxurious hair texture. It conditions the coat leaving it soft and manageable. This angelic pink conditioner has a cherry fragrance. This shampoo is soap and detergent free. It will not strip the coat and can be used as often as necessary. BALANCE is eco-friendly, the packaging is recyclable. BALANCE is animal friendly and does not promote testing on animals.

Directions: Shampoo hair and rinse. Gently apply conditioner to entire coat and massage thoroughly, including legs and feet. Let stand 10 minutes, then rinse completely with warm water.

Ingredients: Deionized water, stearylkonium chloride, hexadecanol, ethoxolated lanolin, Aloe Vera, jojoba oil, mineral oil, glycerin, apple extract. Contains no alcohol or animal by-products.

Sizes: 16 oz., 1 gal.