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Baby Bebe Puppy Dog Shampoo

$27.00 USD

This dog shampoo only uses deionized water, combined with the finest handpicked, custom blended ingredients. This dog shampoo do not contain sodium chloride. Other "spa" products use sodium chloride as a cheap way to thicken - that is table salt! It is drying and harmful to skin, fur, and eyes. This dog shampoo are tearless - they are PH balanced to match the eye so they do not burn. This dog shampoo are concentrated and can be diluted up to 20-1. All of This dog shampoo contain chamomile, lavender, rosemary and oat protein (oatmeal) and aloe vera gel. This dog shampoo were designed to actually penetrate the skin and fur, not just coat them. You can use This dog shampoo as often as you would like because they are gentle and contain natural essential oils. This dog shampoo do not effect Front Line or other flea and tick treatments. Wait specified amount of days before bathing.

Help your pup be Gorgeous from birth. The extra gentle, tear free formulas contain Cucumber extract and Vitamins A and E, leaving your puppy smelling and feeling cucumber fresh. Baby Bebe is perfect for pups of all shapes and sizes! You can use Baby Bebe Puppy Shampoo for a therapeutic and aromatic bath retreat for you and your young companion.

Size: 10 oz.

Dilution: 20-1