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Aloe Vera Unscented Dog Wipes

$16.00 USD

All dogs know that bath is not always fun. Organic Oscar offers now an easy and quick way to stay clean longer with these brand new Organic Aloe Vera Dog Wipes. And because Organic Oscar believes that dogs should have their recognizable line of products, these 100% biodegradable and unscented wipes comes in a one of a kind custom-made Oscar bathtub!

• Great for everyday cleaning in a quick and easy manner
• Fused with Organic Aloe Vera, the extra gentle formula is designed to wipe away dirt on even the most sensitive areas of your pet
• Unscented multi-purpose wipes, perfect for your pet’s eyes, ears, paws and butts
• Organic, all-natural and biodegradable pet wipes
• Safe for all animals over 6 weeks old.
• 6 x 8 inches – 75 ct. per tub
• Easy refills
• No soap, parabens, sulfates, petroleum-based ingredients, dyes or artificial fragrances

Size: 75 count

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