Lemongrass, Lavender And Patchouli Dog Shampoo Bar
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Lemongrass, Lavender And Patchouli Dog Shampoo Bar



Made with ingredients that are naturally biodegradable, this dog shampoo bar is also hand-milled and whipped so that it floats in water. It is moisturizing, cleansing and will also deter parasites.

Active Ingredients:

+ Effective at inhibiting bacterial and fungal infections
+ Antiseptic and Astringent properties help to quickly heal skin and prevent further irritations
+ Repels insects because of its strong deodorizing properties

+ Excellent at calming dogs that are fearful, anxious and hyperactive. It will also help to alleviate unpleasant skin conditions like dandruff and skin irritations.
+ Provides light relief and healing when applied to dry and itchy skin
+ Is a natural flea and tick deterent.
+ It's natural fragrance is an effective and pleasant way to control pet odor

+ Eliminates body odor
+ Repels insects
+ Protects wounds from infection and prohibits fungal growth

Size: 4 oz.