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If you have a pet boutique, you may purchase almost all of the products you see on this site at a discount when you set up a wholesale account with us. We do not provide a printed catalog because we are not the manufacturer of the products. We offer this discount as a courtesy to buyers who want to purchase all their items in one place.

Requesting A Wholesale Account:

If you are a retailer interested in purchasing wholesale pet products from us, please follow the directions below to set up an account.

1. Create an account on our website.
2. Email your state resale certificate to Be sure your Federal Tax ID number is on the certificate.
3. Place your first order on the website. Call us at 1-877-BNY-DOGS (269-3647) or email us at to let us know that you have placed the order.
4. When we receive your order, we will review your order to determine your particular discount level and set your account accordingly. We will adjust your order total and refund your credit card account for any excess charges. In the future you will be able to sign in and checkout at your discount level.
5. Wholesale accounts are reviewed annually. If a wholesale account does not meet the expected purchasing volume associated with it's respective level, the discount level for that account will be re-evaluated and may be changed appropriately. We will attempt to contact you before any such changes are made to your account.

Discount Levels: 

For a Level 1 wholesaler, the minimum opening order is $1,000. At this level you will receive a 20% discount for this and future orders. For a Level 2 wholesaler, the minimum opening order is $2,500. At this level you will receive a 25% discount for this and future orders. For a Level 3 wholesaler, the minimum for the first order is $5,000. At this level you will receive a 30% discount for this and future orders. There is no reorder minimum.

Please Note:

  • Some manufacturers are excluded from the discount or can only be sold at the 20% discount. We will notify you of those items once we receive your order.
  • We do not drop-ship at this time. Although, after you have competed your opening order we can ship one item at a time to your business address.
  • We offer discounted pricing to select storefront only pet product retailers, rescue groups and charities. We do not sell discounted products to online competitors.

  • We welcome start-ups and new businesses.

  • We ship to the USA, Canada and International.

  • International Shipping costs are estimated at time of purchase. However, once these items reach our office and are repacked for shipping overseas, there may be additional charges due to weight or size of box necessary to complete the shipment. Remember, shipments outside of the U.S. may be subject to import duties and taxes, which are the responsibility of the recipient. Since duties and taxes vary by country and by what was ordered, we are not able to supply an estimated cost.

If you have read this information and still have questions regarding our wholesale policy or about becoming a wholesaler, please email us at