Dog Beds

No matter what sleeping arrangements your dog is used to, our collection of designer dog beds will ensure that they have a good night’s sleep. You can find dog beds in different textures, colors and material that will be suitable for any type of décor. Luxury beds are available for both indoors and outdoors, making it easy to provide your pet with comfort wherever he spends his time snoozing. If you want to treat your pet like royalty, we at Bitch New York also sell custom-made Dog Houses that will be the ultimate place for your best friend to nap.
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We cater to dogs of all sizes, and shapes. We don’t want to leave anyone out. We have beds ranging from those for Pomeranians to the larger breeds such as the Irish Wolf Hound. Finding the right size and, of course, the most comfortable bed is important but so is matching the décor of your home as aesthetics is a big part of the goal.

We have a range of dog beds that are both practical and immensely comfortable. Many have waterproof or water resistant liners for easy cleaning. Many have removable liners which make machine washing a breeze. Many pet owners like to offer their pet a little luxury in the form of a stylish bed – it might be leather, it might be cloth, it might be velvet – each pup has his/her own unique style. We are quite certain that you will find just the right bed as you peruse our pampered pet dog bed section.

Large Dog Beds

While it can be difficult to find a bed ideal for our larger four legged friends, we have incorporated a nice selection of dog beds for the extra large breeds. Our Cotton Bumper dog bed line comes in a variety of larger sizes, colors and styles for larger breeds such as German Shephards, Irish Wolf Hounds, Great Danes and the like. We also carry large sized Eco-mats which are easily transported out and about.

Beds For elderly Dogs And Dogs With Arthritic Conditions

Aging dogs are a lot like us. They like a little pampering when arthritic pains start setting in or other ailments that cause aches and pains become more pronounced. Noone likes to sleep on cold tile or even just a hard floor. An old worn out bed isn’t much different. A big comfy bed, even one with memory foam is a much more attractive option which will give your furry friend a big smile and attitude to match. Our contour lounger is one example of a comfy foam doggie bed that we carry. We have a large selection of stylish foam beds with a variety of material to choose from. These supportive beds for older dogs take the burden off their joints and ensure maximum comfort for your aging friend.