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Dog Shoes & Socks

While most people think that dog shoes are just a fashion statement, there are many benefits to putting shoes on your dog. If you like to take your dog on hikes, you can protect his paws from outdoor dangers with dog boots. Dog sandals will protect your dog's paws from hot pavement in the summer while dog booties will protect them from ice and chemicals in winter. Safety and comfort iare the goals!
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All Weather Dog Boots Black

From $36.00 - $39.00

All Weather Dog Boots Blue

From $36.00 - $39.00

Baby Blue Dog Sneakers

From $44.00 - $48.00

Black & Pink Dog Sneakers

From $44.00 - $48.00

Black Mary Jane Dog Shoes

From $44.00 - $48.00

Blue Dog Sneakers

From $44.00 - $48.00

Camo Dog Sneakers

From $44.00 - $48.00

Flaming Dog Sneakers

From $44.00 - $48.00

Fuzzys Black Dog Boots

From $33.00 - $35.00

Hiker Dog Boots Basic Black

From $53.00 - $55.00

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