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Dog Fashion Spa Glass Dog Nail File

$19.00 USD

Discover dog fashion spa signature dog nail file, elegantly decorate with dog fashion spa logo, capturing the essence of quality life for dogs. Made in Europe.

This double-sided nail file for dogs is created by leading experts in mail and dogs and is made of crystal glass-superior material used for manufacturing the best nail files in the world. Non-porous surface does not absorb water and can be sanitized 100%. Reduces peeling and splitting of dogs nails and does not disturb dog fashion spa nail polish during touch ups. Gauranteed to last forever and never wear down, dog fashion spa nail file is a must have accessory for every dog.

Dog parents: Use weekly to maintian dog's nails before applying dog fashion spa nail polish. To clean, rinse underwarm water and pat with a towel. Keep in protective case and avoid dropping the nail file to avoid breaking the glass.

Size: 6.5"