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Dog Fashion Spa All Natural Dog Nail Polish Remover

$17.00 USD

Discover eco-friendly dog fashion spa dog nail polish remover that nourishes dog's nails while safely removing dog fashion spa nail polish, capturing the essence of quality life for dogs. Made in USA.

Our 100% natural and completely non-toxic nail polish remover for dogs is formulated by leading luxury nail and dog care experts and includes soybean esters to moisturize and nourish dog nails. Derived from crops and 100% biodegradable.

*Formulated without: Acetone, carcinogens, petroleum ingredients.

**Dog parents: Take a cotton pad and tip the nail polish remover bottle to wet the pad. rub the wet pad over dog's nail with gentle pressure to remove dog fashion dog nail polish and base coat. Use another pad is necessary. Tighten the bottle to enjoy for up to 16 months. To moisturize paws and nails, finish with dog fashion spa + nose moisturizer.

Size: 8ml