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Diamond Cut Deluxe Dog Carrier Black

$254.00 USD

Whether you have a Shihtzu, Lhasa Apso, Dachshund or a trio of teacup dogs...this Diamond Cut De-LUXE dog carrier was designed for you. Give your shoulder a break! Enjoy the freedom of a lightweight dog carrier that is on trend. Your pet will enjoy the view, the feel of you next to him/her, luxurious comfort, and unlimited privacy. You'll revel in a light, fashionable, functional purse that happens to be a dog carrier too! Designed to mimick a regular handbag and minimize weight, the bottom panel is constructed with the thick black croco material you see on the straps.

Just because your dog is always by your side, doesn't mean everyone has to know. You don't have to sport a bag with tell tale mesh across the top and sides. Many of our customers have irresistible pets that attract lots of attention. With all those photo requests, it's hard to get anywhere on time. Finally, freedom from the paparazzi! You're welcome.

-Laser cut vegan leather provides disguised ventilation for your pet to travel everywhere with you.
-Fully lined interior and reinforced with strong mesh.
-Lined with thick, contrasting mesh, the bag breathes from top to bottom.
-One way glass effect. Your pet can see out, but people can't see in.
-This slouchy bag stands up when placed on the floor.​
-9" wide outside zip pocket accommodates an 8” wallet.
-Magnetic strip behind the hanging zip pocket holds the magnetized side flap open when your pet wants to peek it’s head out.
-Micro mink leopard covers a plush, egg crate foam cushion. Removable and washable!
-2 Micro mink flip out chin pillows on each end.
-2 leash clips.
-Strap adjusts from 12”-15” drop from shoulder to top of bag.
-2 chains adorn the front of the bag
-JCLA paw print zipper pull on hidden back pocket.
-Thick, non slip rubber under the straps
-Black glossy croco embossed vegan leather straps and accents.
-3 interior hanging pockets. 1 exterior hidden pocket.

*The two dogs pictured inside this bag weigh 3.5 lbs & 9 lbs.

Size: 20" Long x 14" tall x 9.5" Deep (for pets up to 17 lbs. or two teacups)
Bag Weight: 2.8 lbs

Due to strict health regulations, this item cannot be restocked and resold. Returns/Exchanges are not accepted.

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