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Dog Fashion Spa Sweet Orange Dog Gift Set

$110.00 USD

Discover Dog Fashion Spa essential oils dog gift set in sweet orange. Includes sweet orange bar soap/sponge, coat freshener and essential calming oils. Sweet orange essential oil helps relax and calm your dog, removes dead skin, adds deep shine to the coat and leaves the dog happy and refreshed.

Dog Fashion Spa natural soap-infused wash sponge, capturing the essence of Quality Life for Dogs® and featuring essential oil of sweet orange, known for its calming, deodorizing and bug deterrent benefits for dogs.

Dog Fashion Spa dog spray that freshens the coat with essential oil of sweet orange and notes of tangerine and clementine fragrance extracts.

Discover a 100% natural way to help relax and calm your dog. Dog Fashion Spa pure essential calming oils deliver aromatherapy for your dog, capturing the essence of Quality Life for Dogs®.

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