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Peekaboo Amazing Pink Dog Bed By Louisdog

$234.00 USD

Peekaboo Amazing Pink dog bed by Louisdog.

- Signature organic oxford fabric
- Perfect for sensitive skin: Certified Organic by GOTS & OE
- There are 2 entrances in the front and back! Our friends can be in and out freely~
- Front : 2 Egyptian cotton ribbons on both sides and delicate Torchon lace on the door
- Back : A frilled curtain on the door
- Extended mat: It’s perfect for elder friends and active friends
- Lovely frills on the front mat~
- Ribbons on both front and back to tie up frame and cover

Cover: Remove the cover and machine wash on delicate mode
Frame: Wipe with a wet cloth

Petit: 45.5cm x 38.5cm x 51(H)cm
Grand: 57cm x 46cm x 61(H)cm

Petit: 18 x 15.1 x 20(H)inch
Grand: 22.4 x18.1 x 24(H)inch

Due to strict health regulations, this item cannot be restocked and resold. Returns/Exchanges are not accepted. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery as this ships directly from the designer in Korea. The package will require a signature for delivery.

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