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Lion Mane Dog Costume

$15.00 USD

With the Lion Mane Small Dog Costume, we will turn your small dog into a lion. With the ease of Velcro, you can transform your tiny pup into the King of the Jungle! This soft, comfortable material will soothe the savage beast while providing hours of fun for you, your friends, and neighbors! It’s perfect for parties, holidays, and general home entertainment. Your proud pooch will revel in the attention s/he receives from every onlooker, and burglars will shy away from a fierce house lion. "I am tiny... hear me roar!"

Key Benefits:
-This Lion Mane Costume is perfect for Halloween or just for fun.
-Sure-grip – the highly adjustable Velcro strap ensures no slipping.
-Tri-Color – this unique blend of faux fur allows dogs of all colors to unite in the Animal Kingdom.

~GIVING BACK – A portion of every purchase goes to multiple local animal shelters!

For maximum comfort and the best fit, match the chart dimensions to your pet's measurements. If your pet falls between two sizes, order the larger one... pets prefer "baggy" to "tight."

Small: Neck 8-13.5" (up to 18 lbs.)
Medium: Neck 13-32" (up to 130 lbs.)

Cleaning Instructions:
Made from 100%, pet-friendly soft polyester for ultimate comfort. Spot clean with warm water, hang to dry. If necessary, hand wash in cold water separately. Do not bleach. Lay flat to dry.