dog fashion spa travel set
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dog fashion spa travel set



Discover Dog Fashion spa travel set that includes gentle fragrance-free dog eye pads, dog paw+nose moisturizer, and a paw brush, capturing the essence of Quality Life for Dogs. Made in the U.S.A.

Dog Fashion spa gentle eye pads help keep dog’s eyes clean while on the road.

Dog Fashion spa paw brush allows quick cleaning for paws on the go.

Dog Fashion spa paw + nose moisturizer nourishes and protects paws and nose and keeps them soft in any climate. conveniently packaged in a roll on.

Dog Fashion spa travel set for dogs comes in an elegant pouch ready to carry on while traveling with your dog.

Dog parents: throw Dog Fashion spa travel set in your carry on bag and have a safe travel.

Size: 50 eye pads, 2” brush, .35oz roll on

Each month the designer donates 10% of the online sales to a non-profit organization picked as the charity of the month.