aromatherapy dog massage oil geranium cedarwood
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aromatherapy dog massage oil geranium cedarwood



Canine Aromatherapy Dog Massage Oil

Aroma Paws Canine Aromatherapy Dog Massage Oils provide a great way to bond with your dog while nurturing their skin & coat with soothing ingredients. Use of proper dog massage techniques can comfort & relax, help aid digestion and improve circulation. After massage, you can wrap your dog in a warm towel for further relaxation and absorption of ingredients.

Geranium Cedarwood: Tones & Balances Skin, Lessens Pain & Inflammation, Helps Improve Flaky, Dry Skin.

Ingredients: Grapeseed Oil, Pure Olive Oil, Apricot & Sweet Almond Oils, Pure Essential Oils

Size: 2 Oz.