How To Measure Your Dog

size chart

When available, we will provide a manufacturer's size chart for your reference. For collars, if there is no size chart then it is reasonable to assume that the size of the item will refer to the length measurement (except for a dog harness, in which case the chest measurement would be the size).

To determine the proper size for your dog, measure your dog's neck, chest and back with a tape-measure (see chart below).

1. Neck - measure around your dog's neck with with just enough room added as you feel is necessary for them to be comfortable.

2. Back - measure the length from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. This measurement will determine where the garment will stop along the back. However, the back length will not matter if the chest measurement is not correct.

3. Chest - measure your dogs chest, all the way round, directly behind the front legs and around the back. This is generally the most important measurement for clothing. If it is too small, it will not fit, if it is too big, your dog will not walk comfortably.

Note: If measurements fall between two sizes, please select the larger size.

*** If you don't have a paper tape measure handy but you do have a printer, CLICK HERE! ***


If you are purchasing an item as a gift and do not have access to the dog or would like to anticipate the adult size of your puppy, you may use the chart below as a guide.