Online Boutique for Dogs

Are you looking for luxury dog collars, designer pet carriers, bags, apparel, designer dog beds and many other items? Then the Bitch New York (doggy clothes NYC) is the ideal online boutique that every canine lover will benefit from.

Through our online pet store, you will get to see top of the line doggie products created by leading design experts around the world. These products are manufactured by top designers and each are made with high quality materials. Our employees here at BitchNewYork understand that you don't consider your dog as a pet but as your best friend. Because of this, only the top of the line products, from the dog harness vest

Fancy Dog Beds

No matter what sleeping style your dog is used to, our collection of designer Dog Beds will ensure that they will have a good night's sleep. They are available in different kinds of décor, texture, color and material that will be suitable for just about any type of dog. Luxury beds are available for both indoors and outdoors, making it easy to provide your pet with comfort wherever he spends his time snoozing.

If you want to treat your pet like royalty, we at BitchNewYork also sell a custom-made pet palace. We also have limited edition sets such as the rawicz crystal pet palaces which makes it the ultimate place to nap for your best friend.

But if you and your pet are more of an environmentally-friendly yet stylish pair, then the Cucce D'Arredo range is the perfect choice for you. This design includes the gorgeous designer dog bed and classy fusion- which is made using eco-friendly leathers.

Designer Dog Carriers

There are many different uses for designer pet carriers – simple utility on the most basic level but for those who wish to add some verve to their existence they can be used to accentuate both you're own, and your dog's wardrobe, they can be a statement of fashion and an extension of your dog's style.
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