dog fashion spa gift set for him
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dog fashion spa gift set for him



Discover Dog Fashion spa luxury gift set for a male dog that includes maschio, our iconic fragrance for a male dog, paw + nose moisturizer, paw brush, and fragrance-free gentle eye pads, making it a perfect birthday or christmas gift for a male dog. Made in the U.S.A.

Dog Fashion spa fragrance for him is a centerpiece of our gift set for a male dog. made for the “man of the house” and inspired by the energy of new york city, maschio embodies the ultimate expression of masculinity in an aura of marine notes, woods, herbs, and fruits. This iconic dog fragrance for him creates a feeling of relaxed sophistication and understated luxury. Impeccably attired in a bottle inspired by classic american glamour.

Dog Fashion spa paw+nose moisturizer nourishes and moisturizes dog paws and noses, capturing the essence of Quality Life for Dogs. A precious blend of enriching oils infused with essential vitamins, it helps restore and protect the skin on dog’s paws and noses, keeps them hydrated, and prevents cracks.

Dog Fashion spa ultra-soft brush for dog paws gently exfoliates dead skin cells and invigorates the skin.

Dog Fashion spa gentle eye pads help keep dog’s eyes beautiful and healthy.

Gift set comes in an elegant pouch.

Dog parents: spray fragrance on the withers, away from the dog’s face and she will smell lovely for hours. Clean and exfoliate paws with the brush. Roll on the moisturizing blend of enriching oils to dog’s paws and nose for gentle, nourishing protection. Gently wipe your dog’s eyes with an eye pad. Close lid tight to preserve moisture.

Size: 50ml fragrance, 0.35oz roll on, 50 pads, paw brush (imported) 2"

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