dog eye pads
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dog eye pads



The reason tear stains are so hard to eradicate is that they are a visible symptom of a deeper systemic problem. The most common cause of the redness is yeast infection (epiphora) which in turn is produced by bacteria. That’s why, if you want to get rid of tear stains, wiping the eyes is only the first step. Unless you boost your best friend’s immunity, the bacteria that cause the discoloration will persist and so will the stains. Happytails has created two new products that work together to fight the problem from the inside and out.

Step 1: Use convenient pre-moistened EyePads to remove the tearing residue from around a dog’s eyes. Rub with and against the grain of the fur for maximum effectiveness. The pads are infused with eyebright that helps clean away the discoloration and all natural colloidal silver that inhibits the growth of the bacteria that cause it.

Step 2: Use all natural EyeMunity to boost your dog's immune system enabling him toeffectivly combat the bacteria that cause the problem

Size: 50 Pre-Moistened Pads