Dog Horoscopes

Dog Horoscopes for the month of July, 2017

By Jennifer Angel

March 21 – April 19

Family is important to your pet always, but this month, Aries pets can want more attention than usual. They may even become a little controlling or possessive. Be prepared to enforce strong commands to keep control, your pet needs you to be the boss.

April 20 – May 20

Family connection is always important for your Taurus pet, and even more so this month with the new Moon in Taurus’ home and family zone. Try to pay a little more attention on them as they could get demanding, and even naughty, if you don’t.

May 21 – June 20

As Venus moves to Gemini, pet-twins can be very smooch this month, as well as possessive. The may not be as easy going. It could be a good idea to have their treats handy, for a few extra ways to show them you care.  But not too much, you don’t want to get into bad habits.

June 21 – July 22

Watch your Cancer pet’s moods this month. With the full Moon right opposite their sign, they can be a little out of sorts. Any behavioral change needs careful monitoring. It could be they are being a normal Cancer moody pet, but if in doubt, a trip to the vet will put your mind at ease.

July 23 – August 22

This month, the sun, Moon, a new Moon, Mars, and Mercury all move to Leo, with plenty of planetary activity with other planets. That’s a lot of energy!! Your normally take-charge Leo pet can be a little scattered during this time, so keep an eye on him or her –remember, animals are unpredictable at the best of time.

August 23 – September 22

Virgo pets are sharp! And as Mercury, their ruling planet moves close to their sign and enters Virgo towards the end of the month, they can be very communicative this month. Listen carefully, they will tell you want they want. And if you’re a little psychic, you can probably communicate with them telepathically.

September 23 – October 22

Libra pets can be busy, busy, busy, this month. So much to do and so little time to do it in. Chores (cleaning their food bowl), grooming, preening, and making sure family members are all ok, can be exhausting work!

October 23 – November 21

When a Scorpio pet locks eyes with you, you can feel sure they can read your mind, and guess what, maybe they can. When you have a strong connection with a Scorpio pet, it’s just you and them, no one else. And with so much going on in their area of soul connections, you can feel that this month.

November 22 – December 21

Your adventurous Fire sign Sagittarian pet can hold back a bit this month. If they seem a little unsure of themselves, then don’t push them. They may need to just see how the land lies first before taking the next step, particularly if they are in new territory.

December 22 – January 19

With the influence of Venus and an abundance of planets and activity in your Capricorn pet’s love zone, your normally serious cappie-pet can have a light step in their paw. If they seem to want to be more social, then try to cater to their needs. One thing for sure, if they do need something, they will let you know.

January 19 – February 18

Planet Mars, alone with other influences, is located in your Aquarian pet’s area of productivity. So, if they seem to have energy to burn, extra walks will do the trick. If they’re not a pet that goes outside, indulge in some new toys to keep their play time interesting. Better still, put some time aside so you can play with them.

February 19 – March 20

If your Pisces pet seems a little skittish, then talk to them, but softly. Unless you are giving them a command, they will respond much better to a lighter tone. They can be open to meet new friends this month. But remember, Pisces are highly intuitive, so if they don’t want to play with someone, don’t force it. 

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