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Bitch New York has searched far and wide to provide pet owners the finest collection of designer dog collars available. Our designer dog collars include leather collars, ribbon collars, studded or spiked collars, crystal collars, and even personalized dog collars. You will surely find a luxury dog collar that is ideal for every occasion.
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Decision making on doggie attire can be difficult for some, but our extensive selection of custom quality collars means that we carry something for just about every discerning pet owner who might visit this site. To start, if you are looking for a cute accessory you have come to the right place – luxury collars come in many shapes and sizes but only reviewing the range of possibilities will reveal the perfect unique collar for your pooch. To some, the spiked leather variety is the look they might like to pursue on a Monday afternoon, where perhaps something softer like beads on a cloth might suite a lazy Saturday morning. Saturday night might require crystals, red hearts, and some extra bling to bring up the energy for social engagements.

From thick rolled with beads, crystals and other adornments to simple leather collars there is a perfect selection in our online store for just about every breed out there. While BitchNewYork focuses largely on smaller breeds we also carry collars for their larger cousins. Regardless of the size of your furry friend we have a selection that will help you accentuate the unique qualities you see in your pet. Adding some well-placed bling can help enhance that sparkle in your doggies eye. Our selections are not only stylish, but they are also quite strong –large or small, male or female – the designs we carry will not only please the eye, but they are built to last.

BNY offers a large selection of cutting edge pet accessories, clothing, leashes by the industry's leading designers. Distinguished pups and their owners peruse our products as they know that our team of designers is second to none. Navigating the site at is a snap with the built-in search functionality. If you have a specific dog collar and leash combination in mind, such as Bitch Dog Collar, Challenger dog collar/leash or Classic Dog Collar then simply type it into the search box for instant access. Searching can also be done by general category in the Travel – Designer Dog Collar section found in the navigation area near the top of the window.